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  • Closure problem — A Closure problem is a problem in graph theory for finding a set of vertices in a directed graph such that there are no edges from the set to the rest of the graph. More specifically, the minimum closure problem asks for a set of this type with… …   Wikipedia

  • closure — closure, social closure Identified in the writings of Max Weber , and more recently resurrected by the British sociologist Frank Parkin, the concept emerged as an alternative to Marxist theories of inequality and of how the latter is generated,… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • Closure (computer science) — In computer science, a closure (also lexical closure, function closure, function value or functional value) is a function together with a referencing environment for the non local variables of that function.[1] A closure allows a function to… …   Wikipedia

  • Closure (philosophy) — For other uses, see Closure (disambiguation). Closure, in epistemology, is the principle that if a subject S knows that p, and S knows that p entails q, then S can thereby come to know that q. Most epistemological theories involve a closure… …   Wikipedia

  • closure — clo|sure [ˈkləuʒə US ˈklouʒər] n 1.) [U and C] when a factory, school, hospital etc has to close permanently ▪ Several military bases are threatened with closure . factory/hospital/school etc closure ▪ the problem of school closures closure of ▪… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Funarg problem — In computer science, the funarg problem refers to the difficulty in implementing first class functions (functions as first class objects) in stack based programming language implementations. The difficulty only arises if the body of a nested… …   Wikipedia

  • Cognitive closure (philosophy) — Problems of inquiry Cognitive closure (philosophy) Cognitive bias (psychology) Empirical limits in science This box: view · talk · …   Wikipedia

  • Causal closure — is a metaphysical theory about the nature of causation in the physical realm with significant ramifications in the study of the mind.DefinitionCausal closure has two main formulations a weak and a strong form. The weak form states: No physical… …   Wikipedia

  • Kuratowski's closure-complement problem — In the mathematical subject of topology, Kuratowski s closure complement problem refers to the statement that at most 14 distinct sets can be obtained by repeatedly applying the set operations of closure and complement to a given starting subset… …   Wikipedia

  • Transitive closure — In mathematics, the transitive closure of a binary relation R on a set X is the smallest transitive relation on X that contains R .For example, if X is a set of airports and xRy means there is a direct flight from airport x to airport y , then… …   Wikipedia

  • Back closure — A back closure is a fastener (such as a zipper or button(s)) on the rear of a garment, most commonly one made for females. They were a common feature of women s and girls clothes in the past, and were the preferred choice of some women for more… …   Wikipedia

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